A Typical Day

A typical day at Heaton Lodge Daycare and Nursery

'Play with a purpose'

All our children and parents are welcomed into our nursery and information is exchanged between staff and parents regarding your child. We want our parents to feel happy and confident that they are leaving their child in a warm, safe, welcoming and stimulating environment. Parents are welcome to call the nursery at anytime for an update on their child's day. Our nursery provides a wide range of play and educational activities each day. Our daily routine is similar for all age groups throughout the nursery, taking into account the differing stages of development, and children's individual needs. Throughout the day, children will be able to access opportunities for free play and planned activities both indoors and outdoors. All activities, experiences and opportunities are planned in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and children's individual needs. Our children enjoy lots of creative activities, messy play, soft play, construction, role play, story time, singing and circle time where they can reflect on their own lives and the lives of others. The list is endless. All in all it is a day of fun and play with a purpose.
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Outdoor Provision

• Outdoor Play Area for Babies & Older Children •

The nursery has two secured outdoor play areas for the children

• Outdoor Baby Area •

This area is secure and safe. The walls and floor are both soft and padded for extra safety. It has an awning that is used to give shade in the sun. This area focuses on natural play, sensory and physical play. There is a large covered sand pit for the babies to sit in if they want to, a small herb garden, mirrors, a slide and rockers, pots and pans hung up for music time and lots of natural treasure baskets. Having a specialised outdoor area enables our babies to access the outdoors on a daily basis without us having to rely on extra members of staff to take them out for a walk. Being outdoors contributes a healthy child.

• Play Area for Older Children •

This area is both safe and secure. It comprises of a large pirate ship, treasure chests that children grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs in. There are also gates and styles, a play house, sand and soil pits to dig in, climbing apparatus and much, much more to enable children to learn and develop new skills and knowledge.

Our Aims

We aim to help each individual child develop a positive image of themselves and of others.

Partnership With Parents

We work in partnership with parents, to ensure our children are developing as expected.

High Standard's

Provides a high standard of care and education for each child in our care.

Welcoming Environment

Provides a safe, welcoming environment to children, parents, staff and visitors.

Pursuing Excellence

Supports the individual development of the children with the help of outside agencies if necessary.

Equal Opportunities

Offers equal opportunities to all.

Clean Enviroment

Ensures high standards of hygiene throughout the nursery.

Policies & Safeguarding

We believe that every child, regardless of age, race or gender has at all times and in all situations a right to feel safe and protected. Our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of all children in our care and for this reason we have many policies in place to protect them.